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Foto von Nicholas Bettschart

Nicholas Bettschart was born in London and has been living in Vienna for more than 25 years, interrupted by a two-year stay in Zurich. He discovered his fascination for photography when he was about ten years old: At that time he bought a 35mm camera in the shop next door, which he didn't really know how to use. Time helped and a fascination became a passion.

Just like the cameras, he improved his photographic skills: at the beginning of his career, he occasionally took on smaller jobs from the PR and media agency - for which he worked for about 10 years - and learned to take photographs self-taught. He now works for an agency, a daily newspaper, magazines, (international) companies, clubs, bands, private individuals and travel guides. He also implements his own projects and organizes his exhibitions.

In parallel to the practical part, Nicholas Bettschart successfully completed the "Marketing & Sales" course (formerly Advertising & Sales) at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and together with his project group * won the "Best of Marketing" award in his year and rounds off his photographic skills Seminars and courses. His photographic home is in the reportage & documentation. Passion became a calling.

At a glance


  • 10 years of experience with a well-known international PR agency

  • For 5 years for a large Austrian daily newspaper and

  • works as a photographer for companies, associations and private individuals

  • Regular participation in training courses and seminars

  • Artistically active since 2015

  • Own studio since 2019

  • Working in the film sector since 2019



  • Bettschart & Kofler Kommunikationsberatungs GmbH

  • Der Standard

  • Die Presse

  • Dolomiten

  • ESMO - European Society for Medical Oncology

  • Kurier

  • Library Café Campus WU

  • M.A.C. Mergers & Acquisitions-Consulting GmbH

  • M1 Medien

  • Österreichische Gustav Mahler Vereinigung

  • Österreichische Schmerzgesellschaft


  • Pernod Ricard Österreich

  • Ranefeld & Ranefeld-Rathbauer

  • Rotaract Wien Belvedere

  • Senat der Wirtschaft

  • TwelveEleven


  • Wiener Zeitung

  • Wörthersee Classic Festival

  • WU Executive Academy Wien



2014 - Lehmann Preis "Best of Marketing"
2015 - Kreative machen Zeitung in der "Die Presse"
2015 - "Von Wien bis Triest" (Italien, Triest, Galleria Torbandena)
2016 - Kurier Fotowettbewerb, Publikumssieger in der Kategorie "Open"
2018 - "Urbane Lumineszenz" (Österreich, Wien, Ateliertheater)
2020 - Werkschau (tba)


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